2018 UIAA Mountain Protection Award

Actualizado: 5 de ago de 2019

Congratulations on being chosen as the best new initiative of the UIAA Mountain Protection Award (MPA) 2018.

The UIAA MPA Assessment Team considered Tracks Safety: A system for the management of health and safety in wilderness areas as an initiative that deserves recognition and encouragement to develop further, since “It will undoubtedly contribute positively to conserving the mountain environment and it is refreshing to see a project with a for-profit business-oriented approach. With a more sound application this project has great potential to be a suitable candidate for the MPA”.

The UIAA has issued a statement and article, which is available at:


We hope you are proud of this recognition, as we certainly are!

We believe that international collaboration is the best way to promote good ideas and we are pleased to support you in showcasing your efforts via our UIAA MPA platform. Likewise, we invite you to feature and share the link to our website in your project’s promotional material and documents.

As an additional token of our appreciation for your efforts, we also enclose the official UIAA MPA logo for 2018 that you can use at your discretion in the promotion of your project as showcased on the UIAA platform.

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