Founder Institute

The Founder Institute is an American business incubator, entrepreneur training and startup launch program that was founded in Palo Alto, California in 2009. Although based in Silicon Valley, The Founder Institute maintains chapters in over 180 cities and more than 65 different nations across the globe. It offers a four-month part-time program for new and early-stage entrepreneurs that helps them develop their business ideas and form a company. Among the key requirements for graduation is the creation of a fully operational company by the end of the four-month program. As of 2018, over 3,500 companies had been created from the program, which raised over $800M funding in total.

Logramos ingresar al Founder Institute

Logramos avanzar en las diferentes etapas del programa, concretando objetivos y fortaleciendo nuestras debilidades, esperamos poder finalizarlo y lograr su prestigioso reconocimiento.

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