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We design the best tools and services for the world of adventure and sports tourism.

What is it

We provide accessible tools to digitize and improve your organization, it does not matter if you are a guide or a company, Tracks Safety is tailor-made.

Diego Caliari

The implementation
of the services provided by the Platform provided us with an extremely useful tool and
practice for the health management of our clients. The same came to solve and
simplify management processes.

Cesar Humberto Torres

Cesar Humberto Torres

Its implementation has allowed us to optimize the preparation of the files

by the participants of different activities, simplifies the preparation of the

forms for insurance and registration of visitors and benefits in the management of such information.

In addition to reinforcing the professional image of the company.

Miluzka Liz Olmedo

Miluzka Liz Olmedo

The application of the Tracks Safety system in our work as service providers and managers
of risk in wild areas has been very beneficial. It allows us to optimize the time of
management, providing valuable and orderly information from our clients.

Sergio Balatorre

I am an active tourism operator in Misiones, in the middle of the jungle. The procedures and forms necessary for departures are increasingly cumbersome, and having this tool results in saving time and money for the organization.

You can organize an entire outing in Misiones from 1500 km away.

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To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

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